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Old German States Bavaria

Michel 26 X

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260.00 EUR
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Bayern 1870, 12 Kr. dkl'braunpurpur, Wasserzeichen X, mit violettblauem Teilstempel '... 25 JUL. 7-8', tadellos gezähntes, farbfrisches Kabinettstück, Foto-Attest Brettl BPP (gest., Mi.-Nr. 26 X, Mi.EUR 1.400,--) (2002)

Automatically generated translation:
Bavaria 1870, 12 Kr. Dark brow purple, watermark X, with violet blue part of cancellation' … 25 July 7-8,' in perfect condition perforated, having bright colours extremely fine copy, photo certificate Brettl BPP (gest, Michel number 26 X, Michel EUR 1,400.--) (2002)

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